Friday, August 9, 2013

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #28

This issue more Machine Men. Nuff said.

With her grandfather and father held prisoner by Mortus, Dejah strikes an uneasy alliance with Ner Jon, the son of Yorn's current ruler, to rescue Tardors Mors, Mors Kojak and Ner Jon's father. Hearing that they are being sent to the arena, Dejah and company plan to attack and rescue them only to make two shocking discoveries...

Surprisingly for an issue with machine men and big shocks little really happens story wise as Dejah and bicker while Tardors and company await their fate. The first big reveal isn't a big shock but the last page throws a nice monkey wrench in. Otherwise be prepared for a lot of setup.

Same good art courtesy of Debora Carita. I know that's lazy but how many more adjectives can I come up with?

In short fans of Dejah while enjoy this issue. Next time a review of the new Lords of Mars series.

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