Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carson of Venus by Mike Kaluta

Here's some reading material for you guys. With the recent launch of the Carson of Venus comic strip, it is easy to forget this wasn't Carson's first comic adventures. In the early 1970s DC Comics hired artist Mike Kaluta to draw-and later write-an adaptation for their Korak-Son of Tarzan comics and thanks to ERBZine you can read the entire run on line. So hit and have some fun with Carson and Duare!

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pascalahad said...

I love Mike Kaluta's style, even if it felt a little rushed close to the end of the run. I would so much like to see him finish the Lost on Venus story so it could be released in trade paperback. His Carson incidentally looks a lot like Cobra the space pirate!

For the record I didn't know if was featured in ERBzine, I just tracked down all issues of Korak and Tarzan Family to have the whole strip!