Sunday, December 9, 2012

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #19

Again no snappy opening. So let's continue Dejah the Vampire Slayer!

When we last left off, Dejah had just been betrayed by the Palidor Svero to the Vatheks in exchange for his family. Sent to what seems to be her doom on the main planet of Strio (Saturn) Dejah instead finds herself in the castle of the  Vanthek Dagur Andlaust, who having tasted her blood has fallen for the princess (who hasn't at this point?) Offering her eternal life Dejah agrees if he will help her save Barsoom from the Vathek's plans. Working with the surviving Palidor rebels, Dejah and Dagur launch a final attack that could possibly save Barsoom and damn Dejah at the same time.

With this issue wrapping up the "Vampire Men of Saturn" storyline we see both the good and bad sides of the story. On the good side writer Robert Napton continues building up Dejah's character, her willingness to sacrifice herself for her people and her search for redemption. On the bad side, a vampire falling in love with his intended? While we're spared any sparkly vamps or True Blood bouncy bouncy this plot twist is a little tired, even though Dagur gets a heroic send off. I guess after the last two storylines of witches, demon possession and vampires I'm ready for the return of Swashbuckling Dejah and less resembling Dark Shadows (the TV classic, not the Johnny Depp fiasco).

Debora Carita continues to provide the artwork and it's still nice and colorful. The last few pages when Dejah and Dagur's plans begin have a nice burst of energy and vivid excitement that helps carry the reader to the end.

The next story arc promises Dejah returning to Barsoom and facing a growing underworld. While this story arc was fun, I'm ready for some action and a return to Burroughs style pulp. Until next time faithful readers.

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