Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Review: John Carter 3D (A Golden Book)

I promised book reviews, so let's kick off with the book that will take you 3 minutes to finish.

The second of three children "Golden Books" released to promote the movie (you can read my review of another one at, John Carter 3D is the most pricey (7 bucks) and quite honestly the most empty. Unlike Adventures on Barsoom which had puzzles to work, this one is nothing more than a picture book with brief captions describing the characters with the added bonus of 3D glasses.

But like the movie, the 3D is pretty much pointless, plus its those green and red deals that mostly succeed in giving people migraine headaches so it doesn't add much. As for the pictures most of them you've seen before-Dejah holding her sword, etc. On the plus side there is some unintentional laughs with the captions. Sola for example "is given the duty of teaching John Carter the ways of the Tharks." In A Princess of Mars yes, in this movie all she does is give him some voice juice and gets kicked around for it. I also had a laugh-a sad laugh-on Matai Shang's page, describing how Carter begsin to "uncover the true role the Therns play in the conflict on the planet Barsoom." Given that Shang didn't even have a verbal reason for his role did the people who wrote these have access to a different script? Or some other piece of information?

Oh well. Considering the utter lack of merchandise Disney released this will have to do. But I would recommend trying to find it cheap since honestly bad 3D isn't worth 7 bucks.

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