Monday, May 10, 2010

First Look at Conan!

Well get a quick look before they are taken down. A site called Operation Kino has posted several images from Marcus Nispel's upcoming Conan. Before it was just set photos but now as shown above we are getting our first glimpse of actor Jason Momoa as the Cimmerian. It shows a different look from Schwarzenegger's Conan which may or may not please people. You can see more at UPDATE: May 16-Some new photos have popped up at Most of the photos aren't clear but there is a better close up of Momoa (even if as the article jokes he looks more Lord of the Apes-or Casper Van Dien's version-than the Cimmerian.)

My question is this: How is it possible that photos from this movie has leaked out, showing the main actor yet every photo from the set of John Carter of Mars has been people free? Makes you wonder how it is possible nobody has snapped a pic of Taylor Kitsch or somebody from the cast.

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