Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carson Napier-The Unmade Film?

With February now behind us, let's hope the snow and hackers have taken a vacation.

One thing I recently noticed on The Internet Movie Database was yet again a new release date for the film version of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Carson Napier series. Previously IMDB stated a 2011 release date. Now the film is apparently set to come out in 2013. The question is will it ever show up?

For those who don't know about it, here's a brief recap-in 2005 an independent company named Angelic Pictures acquired the rights to the series from ERB Inc (along with Burroughs' non sci-fi novel The Girl from Hollywood). At the time one of the producers claimed the film would be shot in the same green screen process used on such films like Sin City and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. In 2006, Angelic went to the San Diego Comic Con to drum up attention for the film and a year later announced that a script was written and registered with the Writers Guild of America. A website was also put up with concept art and a description of the plot and plans for the film, still called Pirates of Venus, with a 2010 release date planned. Since then Angelic has renamed the film Carson Napier, has dropped any mention of Burroughs on their official web page for the film and listed the 2011 date. And now its 2013 apparently.

I'm beginning to wonder if the film is ever going to be made. There could be two possibilities-first that Angelic is hoping to sway potential backers, especially after John Carter of Mars comes out to help raise funds for the film or second that they are hoping somebody comes along and maybe buys their script and the rights from them. Indeed it does seem interesting that they announced they were making Pirates of Venus at the same time Paramount had obtained the rights to make A Princess of Mars. I could be wrong and something else is holding it up-possibly ERB Inc could have been unhappy with the script and has refused to bless the project (which might explain why Burroughs is no longer credited) even though (cynical alert!) they seem to have no problem with Andrew Stanton's changes to John Carter (I guess Disney money does pay for some things.)

Maybe at some point somebody, either Angelic or another company will announce they will make the film and it will be legit. Or worse case scenario-The Asylum Presents Carson Napier of Venus. Let's hope Carson and Duare gets better than that.


Jeff said...

Angelic lost the rights to it around the time that Danton Burroughs died. They told me that it was still going ahead but nothing has happened. I think they should have taken their basic script and put on it on Mercury and just done their own thing. - Jeff


Now with. John Carter not doing. Star Wars. Box. Office. Carson Napiers chances become slim.
Which is good.It might turned out shit like Hugh. Hudsons Greystones,Napier running about on Venus. in slow motion