'Carson of Venus' Movie In the Works

More news from Comic-Con, in this case what emerged from the annual ERB Inc. panel. In addition to a planned Tarzan/Groo comic book, a new attempt at a Carson of Venus movie is being mounted. According to http://nerdvanamedia.com/events/san-diego-comic-con-2016-friday/113233/ "producers Harry Kloor and Matthew Rhodes announced that the picture is in early development with a treatment complete and plans to begin the script soon. A finished film is at least three years out, but this is exciting news as both filmmakers seemed very passionate about doing the project justice." Some might remember a decade or so back that a movie version was announced but never went anywhere so we'll see how far this one gets. Also there is some brief talk of a Pellucidar movie so click the link about for more and stay tuned.


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