Friday, June 10, 2016

'Tarzan and the Lost City' A Look Back

With The Legend of Tarzan now three weeks away, I thought I would dive back into Tarzan's book an film past a little bit. So today let's take a look back at Tarzan's last live-action film adventure, 1998's Tarzan and the Lost City.

The plot for this adventure is standard Tarzan-an evil safari heading for a fabled lost city (in this case a La-less Opar), a kidnapped Jane (Jane March, continuing the standard screen tradition of a British, brunette Jane) and Tarzan (Casper Van Dien) trying to save the day.

While it did receive a theatrical release, the film itself comes across as little more than a B-Movie, with some rather cheesy CGI effects, bad overacting from the villains and some goofy plot twists (at one point Tarzan gets cocooned by bees only to emerge, sporting his loincloth and all). If the film does have some saving graces its actually a fairly good turn by Van Dien as Tarzan and some nice action set pieces.

The film sadly failed to capture much at the box office and was soon overshadowed by Disney's Tarzan but if you have a fondness for 1990s B-films and jungle tales this might satisfy you. Take a peek at the film's trailer and leave any comments below and come back for more Tarzan.

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