Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Comic Review: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #9

No clever opening, just a review.

Last time our incomparable Dejah Thoris was abducted by a creature demanding a mate, leaving John Carter knocked off his feet. And fast than you can say Bride of Frankenstein, Dejah discovers the shocking truth about her abductor-he's a Hormad, one of the monstrous creations of Ras Thavas who survived the bombing of the Toonalian Marshes and has been rebuilding himself with mixed results. Meanwhile Carter and a fellow red man Tolan head off to the Dead Palace of Ishak to save Dejah and stop the creature before he can finish his next project, a woman Hormad!

With homages to both ERB and Mary Shelley, this issue is a good combination of the former's creativity and spirit and the latter's bloodcurdling horror. Writers Ron Marz and Ian Edginton does a good job crafting the tale, especially in again presenting a heroic princess who is smart and resourceful without resorting to sword wielding to solve everything. The other plus is referencing the Hormad and the events of Synthetic Men of Mars, which opens the door for allowing more creatures and characters from the novels to show up, which we can hope happens soon.

Ariel Medel provides the art and it's a good job, from the Hormad's cool appearance (the fact that it has several sets of eyes throughout its body is creepy) while capturing and maintaining the character designs of the past issues. Backgrounds are a little non distinct and do become lost but otherwise its a good job that backs up the story.

With this issue Barsoom fans will find enough here to enjoy. Until next time faithful readers.

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