Thursday, June 12, 2014

Retro Comics: Doctor Strange #55

Another look at a classic comic book. That's all.

Not coping well with the departure of long time love Clea, Stephen Strange has locked himself up in his study in the Sanctum Sanatorium to deal with the loss. However when an enchanter named Dakihm enters he shows Strange what his life could have been, including being an actor and nothing more than the figment of a writer and artist. Can Strange overcome his grief and move on or will he be stuck in this hell?

Written by Roger Stern during his legendary run on the title, "To Have Loved...and Lost!" is a griping tale that centers on the interior of Dr. Strange, his own feelings and how sometimes we have to let go. What makes it work is that these are universal feelings that everyone faces at one time or another and Stern manages to capture that while wrapping it up in mysticism and magic.

Helping out is the artwork by Michael Golden and Terry Austin that manages to capture Strange's existence while at the same time presenting the colorful "alternate" life that he shown. There isn't much in the way of standard Marvel Comics action-no big brawls folks-but they bring a nice balance of light and shadow to the tale that helps back up Stern's story without getting in the way. It's a perfect blend of art and words.

So with a new movie now on the horizon it may be time to dig into Doctor Strange and this issue is one of the best. See you guys later.

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