Saturday, May 24, 2014

Comic Review: Flash Gordon #2

It's Flash time. (I know that makes no sense but I'm out of clever openings.)

After passing themselves off as royal "historians" from Mongo, Flash, Dale and Zarkov find themselves guests of Prince Barin and the Aborians. But Barin begins to suspect there is more to his guests then they claim, especially when he receives word that Ming's search ships are looking for "an enemy of the kingdom...his name is Flash Gordon." Barin deceives the search party and leads Flash and company to the Forge, a production facility for Mongo that produces soldiers for Ming, just not the usual type of soldiers.

Continuing the fun setup of the first issue, Jeff Parker is doing a skillful job balancing the characters and setup with ease and a good sense of humor. I also get the feeling that sense Parker knows most comic and Flash Gordon fans know the setup well he gets to play around with it, adding more offbeat twists to the characters-like making Zarkov a lovable drunk-without sacrificing what makes Flash Gordon work.

Helping out is the bright, almost cartoony work of Evan Shaner and colorist Jordie Bellaire. The pair bring a nice look to the characters and setting of Aboria that helps catch the eye and keeps the momentum going. Some might prefer a more straight or realistic look but I actually like the fact they are not attempting to repeat Alex Raymond or Al Williamson's classic run but coming up with their own ideas.

If you haven't gotten into this series yet, I recommend you do. It's a fun blast or sci-fi pulp that fans will enjoy. Until next time folks.

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