Sunday, November 11, 2012

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #18

Is it just me or is that cover art beautiful? OK moving on...

When we last left off, Dejah had been captured and taken to one of the moons of Saturn (or Xasoom) by the Vathek, a race of Saturnian vampires who plan to conquer Barsoom for fresh supplies. Dejah escaped with Svero, a member of the race of Palidors that the Vathek are feeding on. After a dangerous flight and learning that her density allows her to defy gravity, Dejah meets the Palidors' leader Julz and vows to help him stop the Vathek. But time is running out: the Vathek have sent an ultimatum to the people of Barsoom as well as a device that will destroy the atmosphere plant. Taking the risk, Dejah and Svero break into the Vathek headquarters. However everything is not how it appears.

Keeping the pace moving fast and clipped, writer Robert Napton manages to establish the threat and a course of action while keeping the storyline grounded in Dejah's quest to redeem herself. Her decision to help the Palidor people and to risk her own life to save Barsoom shows the character Edgar Rice Burroughs created, a woman willing to live and die for her people. I also liked how Napton worked in some interesting ideas like Dejah's abilities to jump mirroring her later husband's abilities when he arrives on Barsoom. Granted the twist at this issue's end should have been seen a mile a way but I'll wait and see how it plays out in the next issue.

Continuing to provide the artwork is Debora Carita and she manages to keep it nice and clean. Granted I still miss Carlos Rafael's work and there is some things I don't like-Dejah's wool socks for example-but Carita's design of the characters and ability to serve the story is a strong plus.

I have to say that so far this might be the best story arc for the series yet. So if you've written off Dejah Thoris, especially after the Boora Witch storyline, give it another try and you might enjoy it.

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