Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barsoom Rocks!

The things you find on Youtube. In 2005 a Russian heavy metal band called Barsoom released their own album, Under the Moons of Mars and someone has posted three tracks from it on Youtube for your listening pleasure. The tracks are "Halls of Helium"; "Tharks" and "The Falling of Issas" (I know it's Issus but that's how it was spelled) The band also issued an EP called The Mastermind of Mars as well. You can find some more info on the band at


Joe Jusko said...

It would be nice if the artist hadn't blatantly ripped of Steranko's "Creatures on the Loose" #21 cover as well as an obvious Gil Kane girl.

MCR said...

Thank you for metioning this. I guess the person who designed this cover took the idea of "steal from the best" too far.