Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #1

OK so this is a few months late (there already up to issue 3) but here's my thoughts on the first issue of the new adventures of Peter Quill.

After a brief flashback to Peter's life on Earth, the story opens with Quill in a faceoff with some Badoons over the Mandalay Gem that is being hid at an orphanage in the fringe territories of the Spartax Empire. Once captured Quill plays some games with his captors to escape and get the gem back. It doesn't go where you think though.

Opening up this first issue, writer Sam Humphries manages to juggle a lot of information without losing sight of the story or getting too bogged down in references to the past, even though readers will need some knowledge of Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy's past to make sense of some of story. The action is quick, the quips even quicker and the tone is bright and fun, making for an easy accessible entry into this universe.

Helping out is the artwork by the combo of penciler Paco Medina, inker Juan Vlasco and colorist David Curiel as all three bring the story to life with nice designs, splashes of color and a firm grasp on the action and story being told. It may not be the most vibrant comic on the market but it is still eye-catching and pleasing to look at.

If you caught the movie and want more, then Legendary Star-Lord is off to a good start with a fun story and an offbeat character to follow. Give it a try if you haven't and I will try to get the next two issues and post reviews of them. Later folks.

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